Thursday, August 20, 2009

Symmetry- A Light Sketch

For the past few months i have been travelling across India as part of my job. So, i was unable to spend some quality time with 'sketching'. I still have an unfinished sketch back at my home. Anyways, the other day, me and my brother were playing with the camera and then it hit me! Why not make a sketch using a flashlight?? (like the one in that ad).

During the summer vacation of 1999, i did these 'symmetry' drawings as part of my 'official' art class. So i thought, for this experiment, i will do a 'Symmetry'.  I used 2 small flashlights for this one; one for each half.

Drawing in air in total darkness is not an easy thing. Still have a long way to go in this medium. Although its not as perfect as the one in paper, am pretty happy with the end result.