Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Return of the Bookworm

All of my nicknames have managed to follow me right from old school days when those were coined and attached to my official name. To this day, I don’t have any clue as to how lifeless nicknames have managed to follow me over the years. One of these names was 'Bookworm'.

When I was in school (and later on in college as well ) there was a general misconception among my peers that I was a bookworm and I spend most of my free time reading books (i.e. academic books). Although I used to strongly oppose this allegation, I have to admit that there was some truth to this urban legend. I used to have the habit of reading books (but not the kind of books my friends used to think I read): From children’s magazines in my childhood days to more serious works of literature by MT, SK Pottekkad etc. Then all of a sudden the habit was gone.

The transformation was quick. A new gadget called "computer" arrived at our home and from that day onwards I devoted my free time in exploring and learning the techie way. As I developed a better understanding of computers by spending long hours, i lost the connection with books completely. I had to wait almost 10 years to find my way back.

Long journeys are boring: Especially if, like my travels, it involves anything to do with Indian Railways. I think there is no better way to kill time productively in long travels than reading books. So it was in during one of such travels that I fell in love with books again. This reignited passion was the motivation for my adventure in Kolkata.

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