Sunday, December 25, 2011

Writers Block

Although it is not unusual for my mind to wander off in the imaginative plain that i escape to when i let myself to be alone to contemplate on the varied sparks that ignite the creative part of my brain, it is unusual when it come back empty handed even after an extensive exploration of my imagination. I guess this is my version of what pro writers call a stint of 'writers block'. But thankfully, unlike them, i know what is the remedy for this particular unpleasant situation in which i find myself now and i will be getting it in under 12 hours from now. I call it 'Office'.

It may sound unreal. However, i can guarantee you to all non-believers that, at least in my case, Office has always been the guiding star showing me the right way to creative bliss. That place never stops to amuse me.

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