Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hate Incomplete stories?

The question flashed on the TV screen. Then came the words which were little hard to believe: "Unlimited 3G data for Rs 250". Between routine Fuel price hikes and rising inflation something is getting cheaper, I thought: Naivety of an Indian Consumer. Even when I saw the eternal 'Star', I should have known that the ad was too good to be true. Anyways, with high (misplaced) hopes, I contacted the customer care and asked about the new Unlimited Data Plan and here is how it works:

  1. 1GB at 3G Speed: 7 MBPS+
  2. After 1GB, unlimited data at 64kbps - So only 1GB is at 3G Speed, rest is crappier than 2G: Even regular 2G offers better speeds than that
  3. Call rates become 1.2ps Per Second: Existing is 1ps per 2 Sec
  4. Talktime of Rs 250: Approx 347 Minutes of Local Calls at modified call rate
  5. Validity 30 Days


So the question remain, folks: Since when 64kbps became '3G'? I hope the company officials can explain this!

And they ask "Hate Incomplete Stories?" If this aint irony, I dont know what it is!

PS: I am not going to name the telecom company, but I have feeling that most of you would have already figured out that part by now.

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  1. I hope it must be Docomo or Airtel as there is no one else who has got the "innovative" mode of advertising