Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Pi Edition and Conversion to HTML5

Last few days were quite, for lack of a better word, Eventful. Continuing the experiments with Raspberry Pi, I was able to host a special 'Pi Edition' version of my site in it (More on that in another post). Content wise, the site is almost a clone of the original site with some minor modifications in elements to distinguish the Pi edition from the original Site. It’s published in HTML 5 and hence should be accessible from almost all devices. However, the 'Games' section is still in Flash. So if you want to try out any of the games, you may be asked to install the flash player Brower plugin.

(Screenshot of My Site)

When I launched my site almost 3 years back, it was based on Adobe Flash. For 3 years, it continued to be a Flash based site. Anyways, recently I had a calling to convert the site to HTML 5; considering the increasing number of mobile devices and the ever declining popularity of 'Flash' platform. The main problem was complete lack of knowledge in HTML 5 and the lack of motivation to learn the new language. But, the experiments with the Pi gave me enough rush to overcome these. So I goggled about converting flash files to HTML 5 and landed on Google Swiffy. It’s a handy little extension that can export a flash file to HTML 5 (with all the actionscript). It’s basically a single click procedure and Swiffy did an excellent job of converting my site to HTML 5 within seconds. After that, I needed to edit the exported page to add some custom scripts (Social Networks buttons etc.) and the new site was ready to be uploaded to the server.

In the coming days, as I learn more of PHP and Flash, I intend to tweak the site to make it more efficient.

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