Friday, March 22, 2013

The Pi Series 3: Accessing Pi from Android

Assuming you have completed Step 2, you are now ready to access your Pi from an Android Device. In Step 2, you installed x11vnc in Pi in order to access the desktop of Pi. Now we will see how you can access the desktop from an Android Tablet. I used a Rooted Nexus 7 running CM 10.1 M2 for this experiment. However it should work on other devices as well.

The Process
1. Install following apps In your Android device.
2. Launch the Terminal Emulator and SSH to Pi using ssh pi@IP_ADDRESS command. Once you are logged into Pi, run x11vnc.

3. Once you get command prompt of Pi, start VNC Server by running the command x11vnc

4. Launch the Android VNC Viewer, fill in the details and hit the 'Connect' button at the top.

5. You should see the desktop of Pi on you screen.


  1. hi

    can you tell me is there any way to access menus in pi on tv screen . i am using openelc & i want to play some movies. i want to access it from my android mobile blue tooth - shrinivas

  2. don't think you can access via bluetooth. but using above tutorial, you can mirror the screen and control the entire screen from mobile device using a home wireless network