Sunday, February 1, 2015

The FAQ on Resignation and Everything Afterwards

For the past couple of days, over Phone, Whatsapp, SMS, FB and every other medium of communication that exist, people have been asking me the reasons for resigning from SIB and my future plans and I have answered all the questions. However, the monotony is having an adverse effect on me and hence this post. I hope that this will answer all your questions.
  1. Why did you resign from a perfectly well-off job where you have been working for last N number of years?
    • Ans: I resigned because I wanted to start my own practice and I felt this is the right moment.
  2. So what are you going to do now? In which company are you joining?
    • Ans: I am going to practice the profession of Chartered Accountancy. Neither I am going to join any company nor am interested in employment.
  3. Are you alone in this?
    • Ans: No. Ranjith AC, who is also a CA and Articleship mate, is my partner.
  4. Whats the name of your firm?
    • Ans: Ranjith And Ranjith. 
  5. What kind of name is that? Why don't you put something like 'Infosys'? 
    • Ans: ICAI doesn't allow fancy names. The name has to be related with names of partners. 
  6. Where is the new office located? Whats the rent like? How big is it?
    • Ans: Near Thiruvambady Temple in Thrissur. Its about 500 SqFt. I cant disclose other details: Confidentiality :)
  7. Is it functioning now?
    • Ans: The office is being prepped for inauguration and you all will be informed in due course.
  8. What about clients?
    • Ans: We are just starting our venture. Please, come back after a year or so. Should be able to tell you something about client without compromising on confidentiality.

I guess all your doubts have been cleared, for now. Thank you