About Site In A Pi Project

I got a Raspberry Pi in January and decided to convert it to a Web Server and host a copy of my Website as an example. Although installing and configuring a basic web server is not that difficult, there are other issues that are bit difficult to resolve considering the economic impact. These are:
  1. A dedicated web server needs a Static IP Address so that one can map a domain name to it. However, as of now, BSNL (The state owned telecom company and ISP in India) provides only Dynamic IP Addresses to home broad band customers. BSNL does provide static IPs, but these are very costly. So as a workaround, I use the service of a third party to create virtual static IPs. The problem with this solution is that when my Modem is switched off, BSNL re-allots the IP (that was assigned to me) to other customers. This is why sometimes you see a Router Configuation page when you enter the address of Site in Pi.
  2. Next major problem is the connectivity itself. BSNL broadband services can break down any time and the speeds are sometimes really low.
  3. Kerala is notorious for its power cuts, especially in monsoon season. This takes the Pi Offline.

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  1. That's very good and inspiring. I was thinking of making a torrent downloaded in Pi with Huawei modem connectivity!