Tuesday, June 26, 2012

About the Literary Adventures of an Apprentice of Linguistics

More often than not I have been at the receiving end of complaints from most of the readers of my blogs that my literary ventures are infested with sentences too long and too complicated to comprehend which limit the audience who can actually enjoy and appreciate the art of forming structurally andgrammaticallycorrect sentences without compensating on the meaning part. I find it absurd because I think anyone patient enough to read the prose slowly and carefully can find the meaning without much difficulty. I have to confess here that sometimes I willfully frame long sentences with a somewhat selfish motive of ensuring that my readers put in some effort from their part to trying to understand the theme of the literature in the same way I perceive it. But I always ensure that the idea I want to convey is not lost to the realm of abstract in my strive to form complex and long sentences.

I picked up the hobby of writing as a means to express my thoughts and memories only recently. Although feedback I received suggests that I should prefer Malayalam more than English as the primary language of my writing, I have taken it up as a challenge to write more in English to improve upon my writing skills. But that does not in any way mean that I am going to stop writing Malayalam. I have considerably more readers for my Malayalam blog than the English one.

Another feedback I received was that I write very seriously or rather the fun part is missing. To that comment I can't respond because I try the different styles of writing to push myself in order to find out my boundaries. Hence you may notice that I sometimes write things that border on the domain of abstract thoughts; I may write things that I call 'poems' with no binding what so ever to formal rules of metering. Thats the way I write and I intend to continue the tradition I have set.

So folks, continue to read my scribbles and give your valuable feedback and help me to improve my skills so that I can share my vision in a better way with a wider audience.


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