Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Evernote and Me

Ever since i started using Evernote back in November 2010 to collect and organize my personal and work lives, It has become an integral part. For those of you who have not heard of or used Evernote before, its a great piece software that can help you to remember everything (literally!). Simply put, It is a note taking software (Text, Pictures and Audio). The biggest plus is that all your notes are stored in the cloud and synced to Evernote servers. So you can access your notes from almost anywhere!. It is available free to download for various platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

NotelistEvernote for Blogging

I have presently Four blogs (including one in my mothertounge, Malayalam) and I use Evernote for almost every activity connected with maintaining a blog i.e. from coding custom blog templates to drafting posts.

(a) Templates, Codes and Custom Scripts
I use heavily customised templates for my blogs and in free time i tweak the code myself for improving the overall design and functionality. But sometimes editing the code can result in a broken template. So I use Evernote to store the original templates, custom scripts and widget codes so that I can easily re-install my original template in the case of some 'edit'mishap. I use seperate notebooks to store templates etc of each of my blogs and use tags to easily find the various widgets and scripts.

(b) Drafting a Blog Post
Inspiration can strike you at odd times (even when you are at office!) and I use Evernote to work on drafts. Since Evernote syncs the notes, I get all the new notes created in my work laptop at office in my personal one at home. I also use the 'E Mail Note' function to email the draft posts to few of my critical readers for review too!

Evernote for Work

(a) Document Drawer
I am an Auditor and my work requires maintaining a lot of working papers and other documents realted to each assignment. I use Evernote for storing my working papers, files and client representations. I use seperate notebooks and stacks for each type of Audits. As an Auditor I am supposed to remember everything I do and evernote helps me to do exactly that.

(b) Knowledge Base
India is infamous for its numerous and complex laws. Being an auditor i have to be familiar with almost all of them (especially the tax laws). I use Evernote to store bare acts (laws), notifications issued by government authorities etc so that I can easily find out relevant information while carrying out an audit. Since all these can be accessed from my phone, I can quickly refer to a legal provision even if I dont have my laptop with me (Essential for meetings with client!). Evernote has become a Knowledge base for me!

(C) Keeping Track of Bills
My work also involves a lot of travel and earlier finding a certain expense bill after a long and exhaustive trip was a difficult task for me. But with evernote, I can save all the eTickets, Boarding passes, Hotel bills etc and tag each of them with trip details. Now all the bills are just a mouse click away!

Evernote for Personal Life
Apart from Blogging and auditing, I use Evernote for my hobbies too: Yeah, I manage to find time for a few!

(a) Studies
I am currently taking three courses and I use evernote to store everything connected with these courses: From Application forms, Study Materials, Notes, Exam schedules to Admit Cards. I am also a Linux enthusiast and use evernote to store tutorials and guides on using Linux (Ubuntu). I hope Evernote will launch a Linux version of the desktop client soon so that Tux can also get the Evernote flavour. Currently I use the Web version to access my notes in Linux.

(b) Art
I love to sketch whenever i get free time. Sometimes while browsing i stumble upon great pictures that can be used as reference for sketching and i use evernote web clipper to save these to my collection. Since the clipper also saves the link of the original file, i can revisit the site to scout for more inspiring pictures.

(C) HowTos, Tips and Tricks
Like my blog templates, i also customise my computers for ease of use and it involves modifying system registry entries and configuration files. I store the tips, tricks and How-Tos collected from online resources so that i dont have to google everytime i want to change a setting.

Sharing The Goodies

I have created few Shared notebooks featuring everything from My Art to Linux Magazines! Here are the links to the notebooks and feel free to add them to your account!

1. Pencilmarks (my art blog)
2. Full Circle Ubuntu Magazine
3. SARFAESI Act, 2002 (India)
4. The Negotiable Instrument Act, 1881 (India)

Note: This post was also drafted using Evernote


  1. I have always been a huge fan of Evernote.
    Even Paulo Coelho quoted that he uses it for everyday notetaking, such an incredible tool :)

  2. Thank you. Your post inspired me to revamp my Evernote usage. It is currently messy, but I always thought there's a lot of potential in the tool. I will dedicate the weekend in reorganizing its content and start using it to keep track of all my work.

    1. Great! hope u have revamped ur evernote account :)