Thursday, June 28, 2012

TATA, Docomo - Part II


Last week I had posted about the crappy service provided by Tata Docomo. Well, this time they have moved up the ladder on their way to emulating their bigger counterparts: From crappy service to cheating. 

Everything began on last monday (18th). I got a push notification in mobile advertising that if i recharge with RC39, I will get 500MB of data. I did the recharge and all I go was 50MB.

When I called the customer care (121), the rep informed that balance 450MB will be creditted within 48 Hours. Well, It was never creditted and I contacted the customer care via Chat and the extract of the chat is reproduced below:
{Ram}above is the pack details in 3g [packs
{ranjith j}it was said that i wil get 500MB 3g data
{Ram}39rs is 3g pack for 3 days validity
{ranjith j} 
but i got 50MB only. so i called customer care and they said balance will be credited in one day
{Ram}the alert which you got is to intimate you that 3g data pack will be lapsed
{ranjith j}now u saying it wl be expired in one day
{ranjith j}tell me... what abt the 500MB 3g data?
{Ram}Rs.39/- you get 50 MB 3 days
{ranjith j}i got a message saying i wil get 500MB
{ranjith j}RC39=500MB and RC91=1GB
{ranjith j}from Docomo
{ranjith j}i have the screenshot of the message, if u want i can send u that
{Ram}let me know from which id you got the sms?
{ranjith j}it was notification
{ranjith j}included in 'last call charge' notifcation
{Ram}Please be online as I check
{ranjith j}ok
{Ram}I am taking a complaint for this issue
{ranjith j}okay
{Ram}so that the team can check and update you back
{Ram}one moment
{ranjith j}okay
{Ram}may I know your alternate number?
{ranjith j}currently i dont have an alternate number
{ranjith j}u can contact me at this number
{ranjith j}9633222700
{Ram}one moment
{ranjith j}do u need the screen shots?
{Ram}no sir,
{ranjith j}okay
{Ram}complaint number is PSMR12002047
{ranjith j}okay
{Ram}resolution date is 27-JUN-2012 13:04:18
{ranjith j}okay
{Ram}The concerned team will check and update you the details via call or sms on the resolution date
On 22nd I received a call from a customer rep and I had to repaeat the entire episode to him. After that I didnt get any response from Tata Docomo and decided to wait till 27-June-12. On 27th, I contacted them again (via chat) and the customer care rep informed that the complaint is still in open status and that it will be resolved in 24 hours. That evening I tried contacting them via 121 and I kept getting the message that 'All customer care reps are busy'. After a few tries I gave it up. Yesterday evening (28th) I tried again and got through. The rep told me to hold the line while they verify the details. I waited for more than 5 minutes and then the call was disconnected from their end. After that whenever I tried to contact 121, I kept getting the message that 'All customer care reps are busy'. So I checked the site and called the number 18602665555 (Customer care for State of Kerala). I was able to get in touch with a rep and dutifully the rep transferred the call to a 'Senior Executiver'. The Senior Fellow informed that the notification  I received about the scheme is actually not available to general public and that it is a restricted scheme. As per the Executive, I was supposed to contact customer care before recharging to confirm the validity of the scheme though nothing of that sort was mentioned in the notification I received (See Image Above). Hence, I was not eligible for the extra data.

If any of Tata Docomo officials are reading this post, I want an answer to these questions:
  1. When a notification is pushed to customers without any information about the scheme being restricted, Do you really think any customer will contact the customer care to enquire about the scheme? The language in the message was such that the reader will believe the particular scheme is general. This is nothing but misleading the customer.
  2. Since you dont divulge to which numbers the scheme is applicable, Is there any way to confirm your claim that the scheme is in fact in force? For all I know, you may repeating the same response I got to everyone who does the recharge.
  3. If it was a restricted the scheme, they why the first cutomer care rep and the rep I contacted via Chat didnt inform me the fact? First one informed that balance will be credited within 48 hrs and second one registered a complaint.
  4. I still havent received any mail or SMS informing about the status of the complaint PSMR12002047. Where did that go?
  5. When will you stop pushing misleading information to public and thus cheating them?
I did the recharge on utmost good faith on the basis of information received from your end. There was no indication as to the restrictive nature of the scheme. As per Section 2(r)(1)(vi) of The Consumer Protection Act,1986 the practice of making any statement, whether orally or in writing or by visible representation which makes a false or misleading representation concern­ing the need for, or the usefulness of, any goods or services amounts to unfair trade practice and as such punishable under the law. I intend to take the legal remedy available to me.


  1. All the best man. Getting cheated for Rs.39 won't hurt, but what really hurts is getting cheated. It happens more after the 2G era.

  2. Its not abt the money. Rather, its abt the attitude of he telephone companies and the way in which they deal with customers.

    1. yeah correct.. basically that's attitude of every big guys.. but in case of mobiles we are direct victims...