Sunday, June 24, 2012

TATA, Docomo!

Last week I received a message from Docomo saying that I have missed calls and asking me to message to a particular number if I want to get details of the missed calls. The service would cost Rs 1. Since I wanted to get the details of missed calls, I promptly sent a message as they instructed and the reply I got was, well, idiotic. The reply read "You have no missed calls as per our system records". Rs 1 was deducted from my balance. I didnt raise a complaint since the money involved was Rs 1 only. That was the first mistake I made.

Then, on 18th, I received another notification (See Image Below) from Tata DoCoMo about a new 3G data plan. As per the notification, I will be getting 500MB of 3G data by doing a recharge for Rs 39. I thought it was a good way to check the 3g speeds and did the recharge. That was the second mistake.


After the recharge, I got a confirmation message from Docomo informing that 50MB (instead of 500MB) of 3g data have been credited with a validity of 3 days (See Image Below). Immediately I called the customer care and the rep informed that the balance 450MB will be credited within 48 hours and the validity will be one month. So I decided to wait for 2 days: third mistake I committed.

After the expiry of 48 hours, I again contacted the customer care; this time using the online chat feature. The customer care rep told me that RC39 gives only of 50MB of data and that they have registered a complaint to 'look into' how I got the message announcing 500MB data. That was on 20th. On 22nd I received a call from the customer care and I had to repeat once again everything I had told the customer care rep earlier. They said that they will look into the matter and the complaint will be resolved by 27th. So far I havent received any communication from them regarding the complaint and I dont think I will be getting the promised 500MB of data.

Thank you Docomo for actually putting into practice the things you preach in your ads.


  1. some one must take them to task for such ridiculous acts. since most of us are busy wit our lives, we dont think of taking up such small issues. thats the reason why they are still looting customers.

  2. HO this is the truth with any service provider I think.

    I bought an airtel sim, used it for one month at 1GB for Rs 98 plan. At the end of one month, I recharged it with another Rs 98 net-plan. But the connection was not working. I asked the agent. He told you have to have main balanace also. So I recharged for Rs 150 thinking that I can use it for talking also. Immediately after recharge, i tried to connect to net. Message came "Unregistered sim"

    The same case repeated three times - three airtel sims and my full recharge money gone.

    So I stopped airtel and tried Docomo. It ate up much of my money , but now it is the second month running.